Wests-Kenmore Combined Rugby

Please click the link here to read more about our Wests-Kenmore Combined Teams: Western Districts Combined Rugby

For many years player registrations in teenage teams has decreased. There are several reasons for this decrease and may include:

a) players will focus on one sport only

b) players have many other school commitments (sport and academic)

c) players will select school rugby over club rugby

In March of every year Clubs would consider the amount of players registered and find that there were not enough players to form a team(s) or there were too many players for one team. Like all clubs Wests and Kenmore would seek out other clubs in the hope to create a “merged” team with other clubs. This meant trying to find any club in all of Brisbane to create a merged team. Needless to say it need not work for a number of reasons, and so Wests and Kenmore created a partnership that would give certainty in having viable teenage teams.