BJRU Summer 7s Registration

  • July 15, 2013

Register now for the summer 7’s series by contacting Jo at the Wests office or email

Once again the BJRU will be running a Summer 7s competition.  The age groups in 2013 will be Boys:  U12, U14, U16 and Girls U12, U14, U16 and U18s.

Players turning 11 or 12 this year can participate in the U12 age group.   Players turning 13 or 14 this year can participate in the U14 age group.  Players turning 15 or 16 this year can participate in the U16 age group and girls turning 17 or 18 can participate in the U18 age group.

The minimum number of players for a team is 7.  The maximum number of players for a team is 12.

The competition commences on Friday 18th October and concludes on Friday 22nd November.  Games commence at 6pm – adjustments are made for teams who a travelling or require later start times.

A team can be from a club or a school.  Teams can be made up of a mixture of players from teams and from different clubs, however, there must be one club who is prepared to have the players under their banner.  Players do not need to transfer membership to another club to play.

Cost per player is $90.  This includes – a custom designed jersey, all administration, referee and medic costs, insurance coverage and pennants.

Venues will be determined once team nominations have been received.  The more teams nominated the greater chance there will be more than one venue operating.

Custom Jerseys – Each team that nominates can create their own playing jersey that is “7s specific” ie loud colours, a different design to your normal club jersey.  These will be done through Kooga.  Once the design is finalised, you will be issued with a password to allow your team members to go online and order their jersey in their own size.  All jerseys will be delivered to the BJRU prior to the competition commencing.   It is anticipated that your jerseys are ordered by the middle of August.  If you want to you can go online to the Kooga kit designer to start designing your jersey now and come up with a design on paper and send it in!

Each team players 2  games a night (sometimes 3 – however exhaustion usually sets in).

The atmosphere is fun, the nights are great, music playing, hookers scoring tries, players trying things they can try in 15 a side.