Important Subs and Registration Information

  • January 21, 2014

To all Wests Bulldogs,

Please see attached for information regarding subscriptions for 2014.  There is one major change this year, which will be the provision of a club Polo shirt. (Please not the error in the attached. Polos will be provided)  This will be COMPULSORY after your match.  We are striving to create a better club culture this year and we believe this is a big part of it.  Please get behind the club and make 2014 the year of the BULLDOG!

Minimum payment for 2014 will be $75, so get in early and pay your subs to take advantage of the discount.

TRAINING:  Training for all teams will continue on 21 JANUARY AT SYLVAN ROAD.  Please bring JOGGERS and any mates that are even a tiny bit keen to strap on the boots this year.

SIGN-ON DAY/ SEASON LAUNCH – this year we will be hosting a ‘sign-on day’.  This will be on 1 MARCH and will be the last time that you will be able to register/ pay your minimum if you want to play the season.  All those registering will get a few beers and a burger, so get down and catch up with the BULLDOG family and lets hit the ground running.

Click the link below for subs information.

2014 Playing Subscriptions
See you at training,

Yours in Rugby,
Nathan Cook