• April 2, 2012

You will have noticed by now that our administration is being operated out
of the newly completed office at Sedgman Oval , Sylvan Road.

The finishing touches are in the throes of being completed but special thanks
should go to the following people who put time,effort  and money into turning this
office into our first impression showpiece when you arrive at the club

The Pileckis – Bart and Stan for all the internal plasterboard and  overall finishes
Decorative Glass – for  the supply of all the windows and door
Scott Harris – for all the  internal joinery and bullt in cabinets
Tony Buckley  – for electrical, carpeting, air conditioning and painting
The Hawkos –  Kirk and Tony for wall/ceiling fixings and general carpentry
Mick Lee and Peter Nelson – for  all skirting, internal doors and trims
Graham Brown – for shelving and storage
Phil Mooney – demolition