Annual Awards 2013

Club Awards

Best Person at Wests in 2013 Rose Bowl
(Jim Rennie Memorial Trophy)
Scott Harrison
Best New Person to Wests in 2013
(George Pippos Memorial Trophy)
Brenden Hood

Individual Awards

Senior Player of the Year (Bob Wood Trophy) Brett Gillespie
Colt Player of the Year (Wally Hammond Trophy) James Stewart
Colt Clubman of the Year
(Killian McHenry Memorial Trophy)
Seb Russell-Sharam
Women’s Player of the Year Wynona Baice
Most Conscientious Trainer
(Ken Hughes Memorial Trophy)
Mick Lee
Team of the Year 2nd Grade
Most Club Points (212) Sam Greene
Most Club Tries (12) Keenan Curran

Team Awards

Premier Grade

Coach Patrick Byron
Assistant Coach Evan Willis
Club Set Piece Coach Andrew Heath
Club Skills Coach Matt Wright
Athletic Performance Coach Brynley Abad 
Rehab Coach Henry Gilbert
Manager Wayne Carter
Best Forward Brad Cameron
Best Back Same Greene
Most Improved Jeremiah Lynch

1st Grade

Coach Tony Field
Assistant Coach Dave Hall
Manager Oscar Thomas
Best Forward Tony Bourke
Best Back Troy Ngatai
Most Improved Darcy Fergus

2nd Grade

Coach Tim Geary
Assistant Coach Hunter Thomas
Skills Coach Matthew Goad
Manager Tom Coulter
Best Forward Charles Morrow
Best Back Archie Walter
Most Improved Rob Johnstone

3rd Grade

Coach Brenden Hood
Assistant Coach David James
Best Forward James Noon
Best Back Sean Meiklejohn
Most Improved Malaki Akel

4th Grade

Coach David James
Best Forward Joe Moynihan
Best Back Chris Morris
Most Improved Harry Faulks

Premier Colts

Coach Tony  Rogers
Assistant Coach Ernest Skelton
Manager Wayne Leslie
Best Forward Alex Fontalvo
Best Back Morgan Gassman
Most Improved Daniel Pepper

5th Grade

Coach David Atley
Assistant Coach Paul Fa’apo
Assistant Coach Andrew Moloney
Best Forward Mitch Greig
Best Back Nick Robson
Most Improved Stirling Sanderson

Normanby Cup (1)

Coach Jay Staunton
Coach Hunter Thomas
Manager Oscar Thomas
Best Forward Ngamotu Hartley
Best Back Warwidk Epiha
Most Improved Andrew Wheadon

Normanby Cup (2)

Coach Angus Trewin
Best Forward Bill Blanck
Best Back Charlie McLeod
Most Improved Patrick Hill


Coach Cassidy Holland
Assistant Coach Felicity Bennetts 
Manager Sipa Aupaau
Best Forward Sara Webb
Best Back Sara Hernandez
Most Improved Leigh-Anne Pokino

Service Awards

Kylie Baldwin Carissa Fadelli
Dr Daelyn Vivers Ying Ming Mok
Stacey Compton Bill Johnson
Diane Hall Nick Fraser
Jo Staples Linda Bennetts