Following the re-appointment of PHIL MOONEY as Head Coach and SCOTT ALLEN as Assistant Coach of Premier grade, Wests Bulldogs Rugby is now calling for coaches of Premier Colts and 1st grade to become part of the overall Wests Premier rugby coaching team for season 2013.


Applicants should have considerable and reputable coaching experience, be able to demonstrate leadership and excellent communication, be able to provide a comprehensive coaching overview  to these Premier  teams and have a dedication to work co-operatively with Phil and Scott to ensure a positive and collaborative culture within the Wests Premier coaching team .


Additionally, the club is also calling applications for coaches of 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, Colts, Scotney Cup, Wyatt Cup, Normanby Cup and Women’s teams for the 2013 season.


Applicants should be proficient in coaching and bring enthusiasm to the role.


Managers and support medical staff are also required for all senior grade teams. The major responsibility of these roles is to relieve the team coaches of off-field organisational matters.


Wests Bulldogs Rugby vision and the expectations of the advertised coaching positions are detailed below


Applications, outlining relevant experience and credentials for the respective role, will close on Friday 29 September 2012 and should be addressed to: philmooney15@yahoo.com


It is the club’s intention to have all positions resolved by the end of October 2012.





Premier football Vision

  1. have first class coaching
  2. have quality support staff
  3. provide superior strength and conditioning
  4. provide quality rehabilitation programs
  5. retain and recruit quality individuals
  6. develop players capable of Super Rugby status
  7. provide good playing facilities and infrastructure
  8. be the best performed Premier club in Brisbane



Expectations of Premier support coaches

  1. ensure a seamless link with other grades
  2. work closely in conjunction with Premier coaches
  3. implement  calendarised training plans
  4. support the development/succession pathway for players
  5. adhere to club selection policy/guidelines
  6. assist in the retention and recruitment of players
  7. adhere to/enforce club code of conduct


Grade football Vision

  1. provide good playing and social facilities
  2. have good, competent, devoted volunteer coaching and support staff
  3. have all players enjoy their rugby/participate
  4. develop players to their optimum potential and playing enjoyment
  5. provide appropriate transitional pathway to the Premier grades
  6. contribute  to being the Doughty Shield club champions


Expectations of Grade/Colts coaches

  1. enjoy the challenge of coaching
  2. be proficient in coaching drills and reinforcing “bread and butter ” skills
  3. recognise and accept the vertical nature of the grade structure and
  4. not impede player movement between grades
  5. adhere to the club selection policy/guidelines
  6. assist in the retention and recruitment of players
  7. create player development opportunities and culture
  8. adhere to /enforce club code of conduct


Expectations of Managers

  1. relieve the coaches of most off-field organisational matters
  2. ensure all training /playing equipment needs are met
  3. be the player contact for all administrative matters
  4. be responsible for season team records
  5. be responsible for timely collection of annual player subs
  6. adhere to/enforce club code of conduct