The following are recent Player of the Match Awards for home games at Sedgman Ovals kindly sponsored by Debbie Croxford from THE COFFEE CLUB at PADDINGTON
Thank you Debbie

vs Brothers on 7 July 2012

Premier:               Brett GILLESPIE
1st grade:             Connor FITZGIBBON
2nd grade:           Tom BOURKE
3rd grade:            Michael OWENS
4th grade:            Ben RANKIN
Premier Colts:    Alex MACKAY
Colts 1:                 Billy HAYES
Women:               Keenan CURRAN (v Sunnybank)

v Gold Coast/Redlands on 21 July 2012

Premier:              Kirk HAWKINS
1st grade:            Damien LYET
2nd grade:          Fraser DONALDSON
Premier Colts:   Daniel MAYES

Catch Up Games ( from wash outs )

Scotney Cup
Wests (1) v Uni (1):                Tim SKINNER
Wests (2) v Everton Park:    Alex SING

Normanby Cup
Wests v Souths            Jimmy LEILUA
Wests v Brothers         Raphaela JOHNSON