Wests Rugby now provides Ready 2 Eat take home meals for our players and supporters.

Order on a Sunday by 5pm and pick up on a Wednesday from 2pm.

All freshly made to order by our in house chef Declan.

Great food, great choice and great pricing!

To order please click on R2EorderformJuly2020  download the form and email to manager@westsbulldogsrugby.com.au by 5pm Sunday

All dietary information available on request


1 meal $12.50

7 meals $55.00

10 meals $75.00

14 meals $100.00


CHORIZO & BEAN SHAKSHUKA – Chorizo, beans & egg baked in a spicy tomato sauce

EGGS BENEDICT – Poached eggs, shaved leg ham, English muffin & hollandaise sauce

SAUSAGE, BACON & EGGS – Poached eggs, bacon rashers & thin pork sausages

BLUEBERRY PROTIEN PANCAKES – Protein enriched blueberry pancakes

BREAKFAST FRITTATA – Bacon, cherry tomato, sweet potato & spinach frittata

BIG BREAKIE WRAP – Bacon rasher, pork sausage, scrambled egg, cheddar, grilled potato

& BBQ sauce wrapped in a tortilla

HOUSE MADE GRANOLA –  A slow roasted mix of oats, pepita seeds, sunflower seeds, dried apricot,

dried cranberries, honey & cinnamon

Lunch & Dinner


CHICKEN RISSOTTO – Creamy chicken risotto with semi dried tomato, baby spinach leaves & parmesan

SATAY CHICKEN – Chicken breast, seasonal stir fry vegetables, brown rice, satay sauce & peanuts

BUTTER CHICKEN – Chicken breast, creamy curry sauce, brown rice & naan bread

PIRI PIRI CHICKEN – Chicken breast, green beans, oven baked potato fries & Portuguese inspired sauce.

GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY Chicken breast, green beans, brown rice & creamy green curry sauce.

TERIYAKI CHICKEN – Chicken breast, teriyaki sauce & egg fried rice

CHICKEN & MUSHROOM CARBONARA – Chicken breast, mushroom, bacon & linguine tossed in a creamy parmesan sauce

ROAST CHICKEN – Roasted chicken breast, creamy mashed potato, peas & gravy

CHICKEN PESTO PASTA – Penne pasta, chicken breast, cherry tomato, fetta, basil pesto & rocket

CHICKEN CAESER WRAP – Roasted chicken breast, bacon, parmesan, lettuce & Caesar dressing

BBQ CHICKEN – Chicken breast, smoky BBQ sauce, broccoli & creamy 2 potato salad



TERIYAKI BEEF – Sliced beef fillet, seasonal stir fry vegetables, brown rice & teriyaki sauce

ROAST BEEF & MAC – Roasted beef, broccoli, mac n 3 cheese & smoky BBQ sauce

ROAST BEEF & POTATO Roasted beef, broccoli, potato bake & mushroom gravy

MIDDLE EASTERN BEEF & HALOUMI – Marinated beef & haloumi skewers with quinoa salad


LAMB KORMA Slow cooked lamb leg in a korma sauce with brown rice

LAMB RATATOULLE – Lamb leg, ratatouille & creamy mashed potato

ROAST LAMB LEG – Roasted lamb leg, sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, peas & gravy


BBQ PULLED PORK – Slow cooked pork, smoky BBQ sauce, coleslaw & creamy 2 potato salad

BBQ PULLED PORK ENCHILLADA – Slow cooked pork, smoky BBQ sauce, rice, cheddar, coriander, corn & roast capsicum

BANGERS & MASH – Pork sausages, creamy mash potato, peas & onion gravy


SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE -Spaghetti, bolognaise sauce & parmesan

BEEF LASAGNE – Layers of pasta, bolognaise, parmesan sauce & cheese

CHILLI CON CARNE – Spicy braised beef and beans with brown rice & sour cream

BBQ MEATBALLS – BBQ meatballs, creamy 2 potato salad & smoky BBQ sauce



CAJUN FISH – Blackened Cajun fish, broccoli & creamy mash potato