For season 2013, subscriptions will cover:

• ARU player insurance

• provision of a laundered jersey weekly

• provision of one pair of socks and one pair of shorts

• strapping as necessary on game days only

• provision of medical/sports trainer staff

• training/match equipment and coaches/managers

• provision of first aid coverage at training

• ground lighting, repairs and maintenance

• referee match fees


Consideration has been given to:

• what other clubs charge their players

• what other clubs provide their players

• what is needed from subscriptions to cover the above football related costs.


Players need to:

• purchase their own Polo shirt (or use last years)

• provide any desired strapping for training nights

• take out independent Medicare and Private Health cover

• complete and sign the 2013 Player Application Form (pre-printed for 2012 players)

• pay the required subscription in full (or committed to Paysmart) no later than 4 April 2013.


Coaching and management

• pay no subscriptions unless they are a player as well, in which case the annual subscription will be $100.


Subscriptions for 2013 are:




Total amount that must be paid in full

By 17/01/13
for full discount

By 21/02/13
for part discount
to trial

By 04/04/13
to play

After 04/04/13
or by
















There is an opportunity to pay subscriptions via Paysmart details of which will be provided soon.




Please take note and advantage of these discount payment dates
and plan your finances accordingly.